Hi everyone! I’m really excited to be starting “Saturdays with Stuti” right here! “Saturdays with Stuti” began as a bimonthly program that I founded at my public library. I desperately missed spelling after my final year of eligibility in 2012, and I really wanted to give what I had learned throughout my spelling bee journey back to the community. And since that year, I have been conducting a spelling and language club, called “Saturdays with Stuti”, every other Saturday at my local library. I have had so much fun doing this club; however, I wanted to take it to the next level by sharing what I learned with the global community, right here!

So what’s next? Every Saturday, I hope to create and post a video, along with a blog post, through which I can share what I learned. The videos will be in a serial progression…they will start off with an introduction video that will outline basic information ranging from what spelling bees are to what we will cover ( mostly language patterns, rules and much more !) Most of the videos will be about a certain language, and its specific history, example words, and rules and patterns. There will be more on this in the introduction video.

So now you know what is coming! Hope you all are as excited as I am! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. There is no better learning tool for spelling than listening and watching a spelling bee winner! This is a very rare set of videos. Grateful to Stuti for starting this series. The content is unique and requires great synthesis to be able to deliver it. And – yet it is simple for young minds to listen and learn!

  2. My eight year old loves to watch your videos. That said, explanation is clear, engaging and inspiring. He keeps telling me that Stuti focuses on language of origin in her videos, and I keep telling him that vocabulary is more important than anything else. Could you please explain him?

    1. Thank you! And sure, vocabulary is certainly very important when it comes to the definition of the word. Right now I’m focusing on the spelling of words, for which language of origin is key to unlocking those spelling patterns. But vocab can help in understanding certain roots in Latin and Greek words!

  3. Hi Stuti,
    My daughter would love to talk to you about spelling bee. Would you be able to provide your email address so that she can email you. I can understand if you won’t be able to.

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