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Greek VI

Hi everyone…happy August! Here is the final video of the Greek series, the one with the review of the sample words. I’m sorry this was not posted earlier, and thanks again to Sreeniketh for very kindly letting me know. Also, it would be so nice if we could help those in need of clean and pure water during these hot summer months. If you would please like to donate to, please click here. Thank you! We will start a new language next time!  

Greek V

Hi everyone! Happy Summer! Today we will finish up the Greek consonants, so we will wrap up our Greek rules. In the next video, we will take a look at our sample words and how all these rules apply to them. A huge thank you to everyone who donated to my fundraiser at I am so happy to say that so far, we have helped 28 people gain access to a lifetime supply of clean and fresh water! Thank you…let’s continue to make a positive difference across the globe.… Read more Greek V

Greek IV

Hi everyone! I hope everyone’s summer has kicked off to a great start! Now that we are done with Greek vowels, we can move on to Greek consonants starting with this video. Greek has some unique consonant spellings, which can be seen in the many Greek roots out there. Spelling bees usually love to test how well you know these Greek consonant spellings, and the roots come in very handy for just that. Also, please do not forget to donate to There are 20 days left to reach our… Read more Greek IV

Greek III

Hello everyone. This week we will finish up our Greek vowels with sounds pertaining to “o” and “u”. Enjoy! Thank you to those who donated to this past week…I truly appreciate it! We have until June to meet our goal, so please help me on my quest to help others receive clean and safe water…to donate, please click here. If you cannot view the embedded video above, please click here┬áto watch the video directly through YouTube. Thank you!    

Greek II

Good morning everyone. This week we will take a look at how the vowel sounds are spelled in Greek, more specifically, the sounds pertaining to “a”, “e”, and “i.” Most of the sounds are self-explanatory, but some of them are special in Greek. Please do not forget to donate to! I wish to help some mothers this Mothers Day, and I hope you can help me with this endeavor! Please click here to donate. If you cannot view the embedded video above, please click here to watch the video… Read more Greek II

Greek I

Hello…Happy Saturday! This week we will start with one of the most influential languages for the English language: Greek! Greek and Latin together comprise 60% (6 out of 10 words!) of English! It’s pretty obvious that plenty of spelling bee words stem from Greek. Greek is also home to hundreds of root words and etymologies, that are commonly used in many words today. For example, in Greek, “chrono” means time; that’s where we get the words chronological, anachronism, and synchronize from. These roots are key to understanding the spellings of… Read more Greek I