Sanskrit/Hindi IV

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is the final installment of the Sanskrit and Hindi videos, and we will go back and review our ten sample words to see if we can apply all the rules we learned. Enjoy!

Sanskrit/Hindi III

Hi everyone, hope everyone has had a restful weekend! This week we will take a look at the consonant sounds and spellings of Hindi and Sanskrit. These are fairly simple, but it is important to keep that sneaky “h” in mind! There are a lot of consonant blends, such as “bh” or “dh” that pop … More Sanskrit/Hindi III

Sanskrit/Hindi II

Hello everyone, hope everyone has had a great week! This week we will continue our study of Sanskrit and Hindi by looking at the vowel sounds and spellings of these two languages. These vowel rules are fairly simple and consistent, so that’s why we will review them. Enjoy!

Sanskrit/Hindi I

Namaste everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend so far! This week we will begin our journey into one of the most ancient languages the world has to offer, Sanskrit. We will do Hindi alongside Sanskrit because Hindi derives from Sanskrit so the rules are very similar. The only difference is that Hindi is … More Sanskrit/Hindi I