Japanese IV

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday! This week is the final installment of the Japanese series, and we will be revisiting the ten sample words to apply the rules we have learned. Enjoy and Sayonara!

Japanese III

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. This week, we will continue forward by looking at consonants in Japanese – while the consonant spellings are fairly unique to the language, they are really simple and consistent, to our advantage. Enjoy!

Japanese II

Hello everyone! Hope everyone has had an awesome week! This week we will delve right into the Japanese vowel sounds and their spellings…most of these are fairly consistent and easy to remember and use.

Japanese I

Hello everyone! Hope everyone has had a restful and wonderful summer! I know many of you will go back to school this month…I have already started school this week. This week we will start a beautiful new language – Japanese! Japanese is a very symmetric, easy-to-follow language with consistent spelling rules and patterns. That’s why … More Japanese I