Chinese IV

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday and beginning of spring! In this video, we will wrap up our discussion about Chinese by revisiting the ten sample words we saw in the first video. Again, Chinese is a pretty simple language without too many intricate spelling rules. Enjoy!

Chinese III

Happy Saturday everyone! In the third installment of Chinese, we will finish up our Chinese vowels (looking at “O” and U”) and will also cover consonant sounds in Chinese. There aren’t many consonant rules as most sounds are spelled how they would sound in normal English. Enjoy!

Chinese II

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! This week we will delve right into the rules of Chinese, starting with the vowels. In this video, we will cover the vowel sounds relating to “a”, “e”, and “i.” Chinese vowels tend to be simple and consistent, so that is a big plus for us! Enjoy! If … More Chinese II

Chinese I

Happy Saturday to all! This week we will begin our journey into the exotic language of Chinese! Chinese words are not too common at spelling bees, and they also contain very simple and easy-to-remember spelling rules. In this first video, we will learn about the history and background of the language (it certainly is a very … More Chinese I