Russian III

Happy Saturday everyone, and welcome to the third installment of Russian! Here we will wrap up our vowel sounds in Russian, looking at “o,” “u,” and the schwa sound. Hope you enjoy!

Russian II

Wow!! It’s been a really long time…I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last few days of summer! I have had a busy month but am excited to be back 🙂 Today I’ll post the Russian II video, where we take a little closer look at the spelling sounds and patterns of this … More Russian II

Chinese III

Happy Saturday everyone! In the third installment of Chinese, we will finish up our Chinese vowels (looking at “O” and U”) and will also cover consonant sounds in Chinese. There aren’t many consonant rules as most sounds are spelled how they would sound in normal English. Enjoy!

Chinese II

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! This week we will delve right into the rules of Chinese, starting with the vowels. In this video, we will cover the vowel sounds relating to “a”, “e”, and “i.” Chinese vowels tend to be simple and consistent, so that is a big plus for us! Enjoy! If … More Chinese II

Sanskrit/Hindi II

Hello everyone, hope everyone has had a great week! This week we will continue our study of Sanskrit and Hindi by looking at the vowel sounds and spellings of these two languages. These vowel rules are fairly simple and consistent, so that’s why we will review them. Enjoy!

Japanese II

Hello everyone! Hope everyone has had an awesome week! This week we will delve right into the Japanese vowel sounds and their spellings…most of these are fairly consistent and easy to remember and use.

Greek II

Good morning everyone. This week we will take a look at how the vowel sounds are spelled in Greek, more specifically, the sounds pertaining to “a”, “e”, and “i.” Most of the sounds are self-explanatory, but some of them are special in Greek.

German VI

Happy Saturday everyone! Today we will take a look at the final installment of the German series. Here we will go over our ten sample words and understand why they are spelled the way they are. Enjoy…Auf Wiedersehen! 🙂

German III

Hello everyone, and Happy World Water Day! Today is World Water Day, so thank you to all who took the time to make a contribution to With your assistance, we were able to help 12 people gain access to clean and safe water for life! This week we will finish up our German vowels. … More German III