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Sanskrit/Hindi IV

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is the final installment of the Sanskrit and Hindi videos, and we will go back and review our ten sample words to see if we can apply all the rules we learned. Enjoy!

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Sanskrit/Hindi I

Namaste everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend so far! This week we will begin our journey into one of the most ancient languages the world has to offer, Sanskrit. We will do Hindi alongside Sanskrit because Hindi derives from Sanskrit so the rules are very similar. The only difference is that Hindi is colloquial (spoken today) whereas Sanskrit isn’t actually spoken in conversations. I speak Hindi, so I am happy to be sharing the rules of this beautiful language with everyone. Please enjoy!

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Japanese I

Hello everyone! Hope everyone has had a restful and wonderful summer! I know many of you will go back to school this month…I have already started school this week. This week we will start a beautiful new language – Japanese! Japanese is a very symmetric, easy-to-follow language with consistent spelling rules and patterns. That’s why we love it! In this video, we will get an introduction to Japanese and take a look at ten sample words.

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