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Italian I

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! I’m excited to say we will be starting another gorgeous language this week: Italian! Italian is another one of the Romance languages, and is pretty similar to Spanish and French. It does have its own special sounds and spellings though. In this video, we’ll explore a brief background of Italian, look at 10 sample Italian words, and take a look at common Italian stems. Italian is a beautiful, consistent language, and we can definitely thank it for our wonderful words of music and food!

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Spanish I

Good afternoon everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Now we will start our study of another Romance language, Spanish. Spanish is closely related to French, which we have already covered, and also comes from Latin as well, which we have looked at also. In this first video, we will take a look at its background, some sample words to get you acquainted with the style of the language, and some common stems that pop up quite frequently. Enjoy!

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Finally, I have put the link to Scott Remer’s Words of Wisdom (2nd Edition) book in the Introduction post. Scott has been an invaluable mentor and I would like to thank him for all he has done.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2014!

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