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Tag: Spelling bee

French I

Bonjour! This week, we will get started on a Romance language that has branched from Latin — French! French is a very common language in spelling bees and is appealing to many people due to its fancy sounds and silent letters. I have been a French student for four years, and even though French may seem appalling at first to many people, I can tell you firsthand that it is very consistent in its language rules and patterns. This is really good for us — once we know the rules,… Read more French I

Latin II – Plurals

Happy Saturday everyone! The previous Latin video may have been a tad bit long, but it covered the main language rules of Latin as Latin is a pretty simple language and is not too hard to figure out. The video this week is on Latin plurals – basically, on how we can change a singular word in Latin to its plural tense. Many times plural words are asked in spelling bees, so it is important to know and understand how Latin deals with its plurals!