Language Summary

Happy Saturday everyone!!! I am very happy to share this video with you all — we have completed our journey of visiting several different languages and understanding their spelling rules and patterns as they have affected English. Thus far, from the creation of this site, we have covered 1245 minutes (20.75 hours) of learning. Wow! … More Language Summary

Russian III

Happy Saturday everyone, and welcome to the third installment of Russian! Here we will wrap up our vowel sounds in Russian, looking at “o,” “u,” and the schwa sound. Hope you enjoy!

French I

Bonjour! This week, we will get started on a Romance language that has branched from Latin — French! French is a very common language in spelling bees and is appealing to many people due to its fancy sounds and silent letters. I have been a French student for four years, and even though French may … More French I