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Italian II

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well. This week’s post features the second video of Italian; we will cover the Italian vowels here. Italian vowels are pretty simple and consistent, which is great for us! Hope you enjoy. Also, PLEASE help donate to if you have not done so already! I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate it if you could help me achieve my goal. The deadline is coming up fast! Any contribution is welcome; if we all pitch in, we could be helping others in… Read more Italian II

Italian I

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! I’m excited to say we will be starting another gorgeous language this week: Italian! Italian is another one of the Romance languages, and is pretty similar to Spanish and French. It does have its own special sounds and spellings though. In this video, we’ll explore a brief background of Italian, look at 10 sample Italian words, and take a look at common Italian stems. Italian is a beautiful, consistent language, and we can definitely thank it for our wonderful words of music and food! Please help… Read more Italian I

Spanish V

Hello everyone! In this final installment of the Spanish videos, we will finish up our vowels and wrap up by revisiting our ten sample Spanish words and applying the rules that we learned. Remember, Spanish is a very phonetic, consistent language so these rules will work almost all the time! Enjoy! Please do not forget to donate to if you have not done so already. Any amount is greatly appreciated. We have around two more months to meet our goal! For more information and the link to the donation… Read more Spanish V

Spanish III

Hello all! In this installment of the Spanish series, we will finish up Spanish consonants. Enjoy! Please do not forget to donate to! The donation link can be found here: If you cannot view the embedded video above, please click on the following link to watch the video directly through YouTube: Thank you!

French III

Hi! Hope everyone has had a great week! We are going to continue to move on with French, and in this video, we will take a look at some more complex spelling and language rules of French. This video is a little long, but it should be fine if you watch it little by little. We’ll start with the vowel sounds, and then move on to the consonants. Hope you enjoy it! If for some reason you cannot view the embedded video above, click on the following link to watch… Read more French III

French I

Bonjour! This week, we will get started on a Romance language that has branched from Latin — French! French is a very common language in spelling bees and is appealing to many people due to its fancy sounds and silent letters. I have been a French student for four years, and even though French may seem appalling at first to many people, I can tell you firsthand that it is very consistent in its language rules and patterns. This is really good for us — once we know the rules,… Read more French I

Language Families

Happy Saturday everyone! We have now covered looking at all aspects of words, specifically including pronunciation and origin. Now we will take a look at a larger aspect of all of this – how languages are connected. In this video, we will explore the main organization of languages and the particular language families which share similar patterns and words. The rest of the videos will follow this pattern, and we will work our way language by language to learn as much as we can! If for some reason you cannot… Read more Language Families