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Greek I

Hello…Happy Saturday! This week we will start with one of the most influential languages for the English language: Greek! Greek and Latin together comprise 60% (6 out of 10 words!) of English! It’s pretty obvious that plenty of spelling bee words stem from Greek. Greek is also home to hundreds of root words and etymologies, that are commonly used in many words today. For example, in Greek, “chrono” means time; that’s where we get the words chronological, anachronism, and synchronize from. These roots are key to understanding the spellings of Greek words, so I would suggest getting familiar with these roots and then applying them to the videos. In this video, we will take a look at the history and significance of Greek, as well as ten sample words. Enjoy!

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Italian I

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! I’m excited to say we will be starting another gorgeous language this week: Italian! Italian is another one of the Romance languages, and is pretty similar to Spanish and French. It does have its own special sounds and spellings though. In this video, we’ll explore a brief background of Italian, look at 10 sample Italian words, and take a look at common Italian stems. Italian is a beautiful, consistent language, and we can definitely thank it for our wonderful words of music and food!

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