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Dictionary Words Part I

Happy Saturday everyone and Happy Halloween!! This week we will start our new (and exciting!) series of videos where we closely analyze words that I thought were great spelling bee “candidates” when I read the dictionary four years ago! These words have quirky and interesting definitions, and definitely give us more insight into how the language of origin of the word influences its spelling. Enjoy! If you’re learning from, watching, and enjoying these videos, then I please request you to help me with my water fundraiser. ANY donation is absolutely welcome… Read more Dictionary Words Part I

Greek III

Hello everyone. This week we will finish up our Greek vowels with sounds pertaining to “o” and “u”. Enjoy! Thank you to those who donated to this past week…I truly appreciate it! We have until June to meet our goal, so please help me on my quest to help others receive clean and safe water…to donate, please click here. If you cannot view the embedded video above, please click here to watch the video directly through YouTube. Thank you!    

German II

Happy Saturday everyone! Here is the second installment of the German videos, where we will start covering the vowel sounds and spellings in German. Enjoy! I am 4 days away from completing my online fundraiser for So far we have helped change the lives of 8 lives with safe water. I appreciate you considering being part of my fundraiser, if you haven’t already, and giving people the chance at a better life through one of life’s most basic needs. Please help us at: If you cannot view the embedded… Read more German II

German I

Good morning everyone! Now we will start a new language – German! German has many interesting sounds and spellings, and though linguistically it is very close to English, there are some differences which we will definitely look at. In this first video, we will go through a quick background of German, ten sample words, and some common stems. Enjoy! Your donation for is very much appreciated at this link: Few more days left…please help! If you cannot view the embedded video above, please click here to watch the video… Read more German I

Italian V

Good morning! In this final installment of the Italian series, we will wrap up by revisiting our ten words and understanding why they are spelled the way they are. Your donation for my fundraiser at is very much appreciated at this link: If you cannot view the embedded video above, please click here to watch the video directly through YouTube. Ciao, and thank you!    

Italian IV

Happy Saturday…this week I will post the 21st video in the series! In this video we will finish up Italian consonants.  Some of the sounds have multiple spellings, but I have detailed how to figure out which one applies. Sometimes, there are rare spellings and the dictionary only has 5 to 10 entries for words using those spellings. In those cases, it would be best to just learn all the words that use the rare spellings. Enjoy. Your donation is sincerely appreciated at this link: If you cannot view the… Read more Italian IV

Italian III

Hello! Hope everyone had a good week. This week’s video covers some of the consonant sounds in Italian. Some of these consonant spellings are solely unique to Italian, so it is important to remember how they work. Also, I am excited to share that my blog has received 4500+ views with 400+ visitors recently. WOW! I realize that a part of my goal is being achieved; I believe my videos are reaching a wider audience and that you all are learning from them. However, the other goal of this blog… Read more Italian III

Italian I

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! I’m excited to say we will be starting another gorgeous language this week: Italian! Italian is another one of the Romance languages, and is pretty similar to Spanish and French. It does have its own special sounds and spellings though. In this video, we’ll explore a brief background of Italian, look at 10 sample Italian words, and take a look at common Italian stems. Italian is a beautiful, consistent language, and we can definitely thank it for our wonderful words of music and food! Please help… Read more Italian I