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Tag: consonants

Chinese III

Happy Saturday everyone! In the third installment of Chinese, we will finish up our Chinese vowels (looking at “O” and U”) and will also cover consonant sounds in Chinese. There aren’t many consonant rules as most sounds are spelled how they would sound in normal English. Enjoy! If you’re learning from, watching, and enjoying these videos, then I please request you to help me with my water fundraiser. ANY donation is absolutely welcome and so very appreciated. Please click here to donate. Thank you!

Sanskrit/Hindi III

Hi everyone, hope everyone has had a restful weekend! This week we will take a look at the consonant sounds and spellings of Hindi and Sanskrit. These are fairly simple, but it is important to keep that sneaky “h” in mind! There are a lot of consonant blends, such as “bh” or “dh” that pop up in words from Hindi or Sanskrit. Enjoy! I have started a new fundraiser with! I have created my own fundraiser for because I believe we can help solve this challenge. I hope you… Read more Sanskrit/Hindi III

Japanese III

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. This week, we will continue forward by looking at consonants in Japanese – while the consonant spellings are fairly unique to the language, they are really simple and consistent, to our advantage. Enjoy! Also, if you would please like to donate to my fundraiser to help provide clean and fresh water to needy families all over the globe, please click here. I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

Greek V

Hi everyone! Happy Summer! Today we will finish up the Greek consonants, so we will wrap up our Greek rules. In the next video, we will take a look at our sample words and how all these rules apply to them. A huge thank you to everyone who donated to my fundraiser at I am so happy to say that so far, we have helped 28 people gain access to a lifetime supply of clean and fresh water! Thank you…let’s continue to make a positive difference across the globe.… Read more Greek V

Greek IV

Hi everyone! I hope everyone’s summer has kicked off to a great start! Now that we are done with Greek vowels, we can move on to Greek consonants starting with this video. Greek has some unique consonant spellings, which can be seen in the many Greek roots out there. Spelling bees usually love to test how well you know these Greek consonant spellings, and the roots come in very handy for just that. Also, please do not forget to donate to There are 20 days left to reach our… Read more Greek IV

German VI

Happy Saturday everyone! Today we will take a look at the final installment of the German series. Here we will go over our ten sample words and understand why they are spelled the way they are. Enjoy…Auf Wiedersehen! 🙂 Also, please help me achieve my goal of helping others gain access to clean water. I would appreciate any donation of yours to To donate, please click here. If for some reason you cannot view the embedded video above, please click here to watch the video directly through YouTube. Thank… Read more German VI

German V

Good morning everyone. Today’s video covers some of the more complex rules of German. Again, these are pretty unique to German words. Enjoy! Please do not forget to donate to! Your donation is sincerely appreciated. Please click here to donate. If you cannot view the embedded video above, please click here to watch the video directly through YouTube. Thank you!

German IV

Hello all! Today I am happy to announce that I have started another fundraiser through! This time we have until June to meet our goal. Please join hands with me to help make a difference 🙂 Please click here to view my personal fundraiser page. Also please take a look at this video I wanted to share: This week, we will start German consonants. Again these are very unique to German so it is important to learn how they work. Most of these rules are very consistent, which is great… Read more German IV