Words for Nerds: For Spelling Bees, Crosswords, and More

Hello spellingmantra fans! I’m really excited to present Words for Nerds, written by my sister Dhyana! During her bee preparation, Dhyana spent years poring over Merriam Webster in order to arrange all the cool words she was discovering into categories – whether movies, math, music, or more. Words for Nerds is simply more than a collection of word lists; it is an excellent source for young spellers to not only pick up fascinating words from Merriam Webster, but also associate them together in clusters that will prove to be extremely helpful during the vocabulary section of the National Spelling Bee. And even if you are not a speller yourself, you will unearth a new appreciation for the English language via the book’s in-depth exploration of interesting words and their background.

If you are serious about your prep for your school, regional, or even National Spelling Bee, I wouldn’t miss this book! Click on the link below to buy:


All proceeds from this book will be donated to Save the Children to help provide relief for families in crisis in Ukraine.

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