Bee Week 2018!

Hi everyone! Haven’t posted in a while but am inspired to write after being here at the 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee for a few days! It has been extremely heart-warming and so touching to meet so many of my blog followers who have shared that my videos have helped them in their Bee preparation — my intent when starting this blog almost five years ago was to help spellers and the spelling community while spreading love for words and languages, and I am elated to meet several of you and hear that this blog has done exactly that!!! 🙂

Looking forward to having a great few days in the remainder of Bee Week 2018 and to meeting more of you! In the future I’d like to actively update this blog with interesting words or language tidbits that I run into and will definitely start to do that this summer!

Best of luck to all the spellers, I’m rooting for you!

Much love and best wishes,


8 thoughts on “Bee Week 2018!

  1. Hi Stuti! I’m Ruthier and I’m an avid fan of Scripps Spelling Bee since 2014. I accidentally discovered the contest out of boredom and I can’t believe that it’s one of my most awaited event in my life. I have never failed to watch since then (Not gonna lie, I literally start waiting from March onwards) though I’ve never join Scripps bec. Spelling Bees aren’t a thing here in the Philippines. But I always win from my school 😀

    And as I pursue linguistics or English for College – and because I’m a lexicon lover – it’s becoming clearer to me that I love to get a language-related job on the future. And I’m so lucky that I found your blog (tho I know you from the start, lowkey fanboying on you when I watched your season. I believe you should have won) that means I have a chance to study more about the languages of the world and not just by looking on my Merriam Dictionary for about an hour or two haha.

    You’re very cool and I have to say “thanks” that you’re giving free lesson to those who wanted to achieve the Bee’s trophy and to those who love linguas more than they do to themselves.

    Lastly, because I really wanted to push the blog extensively I’ve been thinking, if you want to add Filipino and Malay language on the study list? My plan is me and my friend (I still have to talk to him about it) is giving you a script and it’s all up to you what’ll you do about it. It’s all my labor and there’s no exchange in here. I just love to give additional lessons since they are rarely seen on Bee yet I kept frequently seeing spellers who misspelled simple sounding words and such. So what do you think? Hope you can respond to it and good luck on your college life!

    P.S. Did you volunteered on the Bee as College Crew? If so, why didn’t I see you? (on Flickr)
    P.P.S Please continue posting even if you’re busy 🙂

    1. Hi Ruthier and thanks so much for the sweet note! Means a lot! I’m also terribly sorry it’s taken me forever to respond to this — I missed it somehow as I was in Singapore for the last few months. That’s so exciting that you are pursuing language and English.

      I would love to eventually create more videos on languages like Filipino and Malay, but not sure I’ll have the time to do so soon given junior year of college is coming up. Maybe around Christmas-time I can finally get to it! Thanks for the idea though, I think that would be fantastic.

      I was actually at the Bee this year supporting my little sister, speller #5! As she was in the Bee, I couldn’t volunteer for College Crew due to conflict of interest. Hopefully soon though!

      Take care and thanks again.

  2. Hi Stuti,

    I came to the National spelling bee three years ago when my twin sister competed there. Your channel was really helpful in our preparation! Last I saw, you posted you were attending Princeton. How’s the atmosphere? What are you majoring in, and what is your future plan?

    1. Hello, thank you for your kind note! 🙂 and sorry for responding so late, I accidentally missed this!

      Yes I’m just going in to my third year at Princeton and I really love it! Princeton has a very small-town atmosphere which I really like. I’m also majoring in math-track economics.

      Take care and thanks again!

  3. Hi Stuti,
    Hope you are doing well!
    I started watching your videos but they are not working anymore. Please let me know how to watch them. Thank you!

    1. Hello thank you for reaching out — I am working on a solution offline and will update when the videos are ready to be shared again. Thank you for your patience.

  4. Hi Stuti,
    Your videos are very helpful.
    My daughter has started watching your videos and she really likes them.
    But now the videos are not working. It says video is not available. Please let me know how to get access to the videos.

    1. Hello thank you for reaching out — I am working on a solution offline and will update when the videos are ready to be shared again. Thank you for your patience.

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