Polynesian Languages I

Hello everyone and HAPPY EASTER!!! This week we will jump into another great group of languages — the Polynesian languages! The Polynesian languages are a collective group of languages that originate from the islands of Polynesia; geographically these places are located in the Pacific near Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii. Four major Polynesian languages that we will cover are Samoan, Tahitian, Maori, and Hawaiian. One thing to note — Polynesian languages are very similar to each other and have rather basic and simple spelling rules (think of words like “aloha” or “luau”). There are plenty of vowels and vowel sounds in these languages, but they usually stick to their own rules. In this video we will get an introduction of these beautiful languages and take a look at ten sample words. Enjoy!

If you’re learning from, watching, and enjoying these videos, then I please request you to help me with my water fundraiser. ANY donation is absolutely welcome and so very appreciated. Please click here to donate.

Thank you!

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