Italian III

Hello! Hope everyone had a good week. This week’s video covers some of the consonant sounds in Italian. Some of these consonant spellings are solely unique to Italian, so it is important to remember how they work.

Also, I am excited to share that my blog has received 4500+ views with 400+ visitors recently. WOW! I realize that a part of my goal is being achieved; I believe my videos are reaching a wider audience and that you all are learning from them. However, the other goal of this blog is to help make a difference on the other side of the world through my fundraiser at This aspect of my goal is facing a challenge as March 15th is approaching fast. I have put in an enormous effort to bring these videos to you, and will continue to do so. I would sincerely appreciate it if all my viewers could contribute a little for the fundraiser to help fulfill my goal by donating at this link:

If you cannot view the embedded video above, please click on the following link to watch the video directly through YouTube:

Thank you!


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