Latin I

Hello all! I am so excited to finally start our languages! The first language we will cover is Latin (which is one of the most crucial languages for English and the spelling bees). Latin acts like a mother to the Romance languages, which include French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. In this video, we will first explore the history of Latin and its influence on English, and then we will continue to look at the spelling and language rules of Latin. The video is slightly long, but it covers the main aspects of Latin (the future videos of the other languages will be broken up into sub-parts). Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Latin I

    1. Sorry I am just seeing this comment now! Combining forms are basically common endings of words, such as “-ed” to put a verb in the past tense, like “danced,” “watched,” and “created.” Another one is “-ing,” to indicate a current action, like “dancing,” “watching,” and “creating.” English is not the only language that uses combining forms; other languages do to and we will discuss some through these videos. Hope this helps!

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